Hemingway’s Notebooks

I have to wonder if Hemingway kept notebooks, and if he did, were they filled with such prattle as written by novice writers? Did he burn the early ones? Did he edit, tear, burn the bits that made him sound like a writer unsure of his footing, or like a mere mortal listening to the sound of his own voice and seemingly unaffected by either work or idea? Or did he commit his thoughts to single sheets, to be scrutinized the next day under the gaze of a single malt and then either threaded into a new draft or balled up to be consigned to the dank basket at his feet?

Social Spaghetti

Setting up a new Tumblr blog at the same time I’m working behind the scenes updating this personal blog (douglasjohnston.net) and seeing what needs to be done with DIYPlanner. Created new subdomain off douglasjohnston.net for Tumblr. Created new feeds using FeedBurner for both blog and Tumblr. Connected one or the other or both to Twitter. Connected one or the other or both to Twitter. Set up Google Analytics to tie into the mix, which seems to be connected under Google to Feedburner. del.icio.us feeds integrated into both, I think, now. Flickr and YouTube were somewhere in all those settings, as was Amazon.

So does this mean that if I post something, it’ll appear everywhere, and then circle back to appear in the original place, and then over and over, in a vicious cycle?

I feel vaguely like a novice plumber who has somehow connected the toilet to the shower and is now afraid to flush.


Musk Ox SkullWalking into a dimly-lit cabin on the shores of a subarctic lake, I thought I saw someone staring at me from a dark corner. I walked closer to get a better look.

He wasn’t too talkative.

Love and Chaos (or, Fixing the eMate Hinge)

Although my confession here might cause those hanging out on the Newton mailing lists some degree of embarrassment for their newfound brethren (their technical aptitude, at least for hardware, seems to dwarf my own), I have to admit some trepidation, if not outright fear, in finally addressing the eternal problem of eMates: wonky hinges. It’s a well-known manufacturing defect that will cause the hinge springs to eventually pop out of their slots within the hinge and, sooner or later, puncture the display cable. However, reading the fix is enough to intimidate most beginners to electronics: it involves a lengthy process of removing the battery, opening the shell, soldering wires, stripping down the eMate to its bare components, recoiling wires with vicegrips, applying white grease or teflon lubricant, putting in washers to prevent future spring pops, and putting everything back together again. (The process, for those not faint of heart, might be found on Frank’s excellent Newton site.)

Thankfully, it was nowhere near as painful as it sounds, even though I did experience a few problems because of my tools and inexperience.
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