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Your D*I*Y Planner 3.0 Wishlist?

Consider this an invitation to leave comments regarding what templates you’d like to see created for the new edition of the classic/A5 D*I*Y Planner. (That can also include ideas for the Education and Creativity packs, since the work is proceeding more or less simultaneously.) Among the tentative improvements for version 3.0 that I’m already working […]

The Paper Planner Inbox

Part of the problem with working with any productivity or organisational system is in figuring out how to shape the dozens (if not hundreds) of bits of information barraging you daily into something more manageable. This, of course, leads to fundamental precepts of the Getting Things Done system: keep your inbox empty, your data slotted […]

New hPDA Job Tracker Cards

New hPDA Job Tracker Cards

Update : This set, and many more, are now available free at www.DIYPlanner.com. The latest member of the D*I*Y Planner Hipster PDA Edition family: a new job-tracking card with room for client info, times, rates, expenses and tasks, along with an optional back face sporting a grid for related information and diagrams. Hopefully, this should […]

D*I*Y Planner Photo Release Kit

D*I*Y Planner Photo Release Kit

Well, all those tales of photographers being sued for images containing the barely-recognisable faces of sue-happy individuals have instilled within me an unhealthy sense of paranoia. Seeing that I’ve been delving far more into photography lately, I decided to round up a few D*I*Y Planner templates to serve as photographic releases. In this kit (a […]

July 2016
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Old Mining Truck

Child on Bike

Iris and Sea, Cape Spear, Newfoundland

Couple and Child, Cape Spear, Newfoundland

Sad Monkey in Zoo.

Owl in Calgary Zoo

Peter Pan Statue, Bowring Park

Woodpecker at Cameron Falls, NWT



Whooping Crane

Bison outside Behchoko, NWT

Bison outside Behchoko, NWT

Bison outside Behchoko, NWT

Cameron Falls, NWT

Giant Mine

Twillingate Lighthouse

Rosehips at Dusk

Derelict Mining Truck in Yellowknife