Your D*I*Y Planner 3.0 Wishlist?

Consider this an invitation to leave comments regarding what templates you’d like to see created for the new edition of the classic/A5 D*I*Y Planner. (That can also include ideas for the Education and Creativity packs, since the work is proceeding more or less simultaneously.)

Among the tentative improvements for version 3.0 that I’m already working on:

  • More consistency in template designs, including a slightly different way of handling dividers and columns — the majority of templates have undergone some changes, mostly minor and cosmetic
  • Undated Monthly templates now have an option for weeks starting on Monday
  • Dated monthly calendar pages (yes, with actual numbers and stuff)
  • Contact pages (heck, why not?)
  • Yearly calendars
  • Finalised Crossroads template
  • Job Tracker template (much like the hPDA version)
  • “Actions Bookmark”
  • Some new project management forms
  • Undated Day Keeper template, for those with “non-standard” hours
  • A simple “widget kit” built in an Open Source product for creating your own templates (stay tuned for further thoughts on the subject)
  • Less ink needed — lighter tones will be used in many cell backgrounds, pending testing on a variety of printers
  • Several reference cards, including the new GTD and Covey diagrams
  • New cover options
  • A dozen or so new (*ahem*) undisclosed templates
  • Launch of the DiYwiki, where you can share advice and home-grown templates (email me if you’d like to help with this)

As you can see, most of these changes are evolutionary, not revolutionary, which is why I’m soliciting as many ideas as possible to add a few more options and a bit more spice into the package. Let me know your wishlist, and I promise I’ll examine all your suggestions.

Last week, we hit 300,000 combined downloads so far of versions 1.0, 2.0 and the Hipster PDA Edition, but I’m not kidding myself: it’s only because of your help, because of community feedback, that the ‘Planner kits have been so well received and seem to be meeting the needs of so many people. I’d like that to continue, so please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas. What additions to this package would help you better manage your life, your time, your information? What would you like to see?

(Egad… I sound like a PBS pledge drive, just without the tote bag. Then again…. 😉 )

If you’d prefer not to leave a comment, you can always email me instead — my address is at the bottom of the menu at the right.

Update : I’m impressed by the enthusiasm of you folks: several dozen emails and comments in just a few hours! Keep it up! Just one little thing, though: please check to see if your suggestion isn’t already in the list above or in version 2.0 of the D*I*Y Planner, or if it can’t be easily handled by a generic template such as Checklist — I’ve gotten a number of suggestions for things that already exist. Not that I mind such requests, but you may find that your need is already fulfilled.

The Paper Planner Inbox

Part of the problem with working with any productivity or organisational system is in figuring out how to shape the dozens (if not hundreds) of bits of information barraging you daily into something more manageable. This, of course, leads to fundamental precepts of the Getting Things Done system: keep your inbox empty, your data slotted into the best places to act upon, and your level of trust in the system high enough to defeat the twin stresses of uncertainty and information overload.
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New hPDA Job Tracker Cards

Update : This set, and many more, are now available free at

Job TrackerThe latest member of the D*I*Y Planner Hipster PDA Edition family: a new job-tracking card with room for client info, times, rates, expenses and tasks, along with an optional back face sporting a grid for related information and diagrams. Hopefully, this should prove useful not only for freelancers and contract workers, but also those who move around a lot on different projects.

A big monkey-man salute goes to Neil Ford for his valuable ideas, suggestions and testing.


This package contains 1-up PDF, 4-up PDF and PNG graphics versions. I still consider this a first draft, so I’m especially open to any suggestions folks might have.

D*I*Y Planner Photo Release Kit

Hipster PDA Photo ReleaseWell, all those tales of photographers being sued for images containing the barely-recognisable faces of sue-happy individuals have instilled within me an unhealthy sense of paranoia. Seeing that I’ve been delving far more into photography lately, I decided to round up a few D*I*Y Planner templates to serve as photographic releases.

In this kit (a part of the forthcoming Creativity package), you’ll find:

  • Photographic Release (pocket form), in Hipster PDA 1-up, 4-up, and graphical versions
  • Photographic Release: Adult, in PDF 5.5×8.5 format
  • Photographic Release: Minor, in PDF 5.5×8.5 format
  • The adult and minor releases in an Draw source file (1.1.4 and up)

The pocket releases are for both adults and minors, and suitable for printing onto index cards, à la my Hipster PDA Edition. The adult and minor versions are also provided in a source file so you can modify them to suit your needs; this will allow you to insert your name, change the size (say, to A5), jigger the margins, or change the wording per the advice of your lawyer. If you want to use the file, please download and install the free Blue Highway font first, which is used for the title. (There is no public source file for the Hipster PDA variants, but you should be able to use the included OOo file to create your own with a bit of elbow grease.)

These templates differ somewhat from the usual D*I*Y Planner gear, but mainly for the sake of readability — remember, you want your model to be able to read and sign the form without any legibility issues. Aesthetics is a secondary concern.

These forms are based upon releases provided to Popular Photography (see original text here) by the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP). These templates are provided here simply as a courtesy, and all applicable rights belong to the original creators and owners: any objection to their distribution in this form by said owners will result in the withdrawal of this offering. As always, check with your lawyer before using any legal forms: they may not be valid in your area or for your purposes. There is no guarantee, implied or otherwise, that accompanies these forms, either on my part, or the part of Popular Photography and Imaging Magazine, or the ASMP.

Whew. In other words, use at your peril, and please check with your legal representative first. Remember, I am not a lawyer, nor do I claim any legal knowledge.

Download: D*I*Y Planner Photographic Release Kit 1

Feedback, especially from those with real legal opinions and knowledge, are quite welcome.