Link-O-Rama 04/10/10

Much ado about monkeys

I’m not sure what started me on this monkey kick. It may have been the ever-humbling statistical anomaly of the monkeys and the typewriter. It may have been the “infinite number of monkeys” in my Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy flashbacks. Hell, it could even have been some thoughts triggered by the uncanny resemblance of George W. Bush to our simian cousins (taken from, which seems to be down at the moment).

Whatever the case, I had a sleepness night on Sunday, and decided to create a “favicon” for the site (the little icon that shows up in the address bar and in bookmarks). I used to design little icons back in the old days, but it was quite a frustrating experience to try to work with only a 16×16 grid now that I’m used to hi-res everything, even on the Palm. It took a few attempts, but I finally came up with something I’m happy with.

It’s been uploaded for the site, and should be appearing in your address bar. Hope you like it.

Link-O-Rama 04/09/30

Every now and then, I’m just going to post some interesting links I’ve stumbled upon, but that I don’t have time to really comment upon. So today’s picks are:

  • UnitedEmailSystems – FREE 3GB Email and MORE! : Just in case the 1 Gb accounts from SpyMac and Gmail are no longer enough for you, this service claims to have not only 3 Gb available free for users, but IMAP and POP3 accounts (so you can use a regular email client like Thunderbird, Eudora or Outlook instead of webmail).
  • FlexWiki: Microsoft’s Third Open Software Project: The world is just a little stranger today. Microsoft has released its third Open Source project. (Readers of tech news will recall that Microsoft’s aggressive stance against Open Source and Linux has in the past made such headlines as “Microsoft: Linux is a cancer” and “Microsoft declares Open Source to be un-American”. Oh well, if you can’t beat ’em….) The fact that this seems to be a good-quality wiki means that more Microsofties can leap aboard the wiki bandwagon without fear.
  • Wired: Campus Life Comes to Second Life: A glimpse into the future of online learning, where we are represented in a virtual world by avatars. I don’t know… I’d find it quite distracting to be endowed with wings and six arms whilst a creature spawned from Cthulhu was taking notes next to me….
  • Philip K. Dick – How To Build A Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later: A facinating essay from 1978 by the great science fiction author about the nature of reality, and how it relates to science fiction. In this day of virtual everything, it’s more pertinent than ever.
  • The Godfather horse head pillow: This will be lost on those people who have not seen The Godfather films. Why don’t I find this as creepy as the boyfriend arm pillow?