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Rare Holmes Movies for Free

Rare Holmes Movies for Free

My big Christmas gift to myself came as a result of wandering through the Mystery section of PublicDomainTorrents.com. While my collection of Sherlock Holmes DVDs are well rounded-out with Brett, Rathbone and others, some of the earliest films have always eluded me, and in particular those of Wontner and Owen as the Master Detective. I […]

Photograph: The Derelict S. S. Kyle

Photograph: The Derelict S. S. Kyle

Running errands today, and I couldn’t resist going down the road to Harbour Grace to take a photograph through all the rain and mist of the S. S. Kyle, an ancient Newfoundland coastal steamer that was stranded upon a sand bar during a storm nearly four decades ago, and there remains. The coal-burning vessel, launched […]

Tinderbox Sparks and Flames

Perhaps I’m just hopelessly naive, but I normally try to assume the best intentions from people (at least, most days… sometimes an ill wind has been known to blow from my direction, however briefly, and I try to make amends when that happens). I tend to believe that everybody is intrinsically good, but that folks […]

Tinderbox as a Writer’s Tool

Tinderbox as a Writer’s Tool

For a year or so now, I’ve been evaluating quite a number of digital brainstorming tools in order to find one that best serves the way I think, the way I make associations, and the way in which I like to fiddle with vague and ethereal ideas before they become solid. I’ve tried plain text […]

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Fargo Truck, Mine Heritage Yard, Yellowknife