Sketchbook: Japanese Woman

Sketchbook: Japanese woman

Young Japanese Woman, Pencil sketch, 1997

Another quick sketch from memory, taken from the same documentary source as the laughing Japanese man. This woman was “attending” to a rather plump drunkard, if I remember correctly. He was reeling around to various other businessmen at the table, wheeling and dealing for units of a pinball-style gambling machine, knocking on the table to punctuate each sentence. Two blonde Western women stood within easy grasp of his groping hands while this young lady served his tea, washed his hands, fetched various papers, and sat quietly with her hands folded waiting for orders. I think she was his wife.

I’m not sure if I drew the hair and its elaborate decorations correctly. I was more concerned with capturing the look on her face.

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  1. Did you know that almost all those traditional Japanese hair-styles require wigs to add volume to the hair?

    That’s because back in the day, hundreds of years ago in Japan, having voluminous (as in–more so than humanly possible) amounts of hair was considered a symbol of health and wealth.

    My barber here in Kyoto is into traditional hair, so he tells me these things.

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