When Reality Knocks – How to be organised

My good friend Steve Sharam, who writes a blog alongside his father called “When Reality Knocks” (that being the name of his blog, and not his father), chimes in with a hilarious piece about How to be organised. Think Dave Allen meets Dave Barry, and you get the idea:

2) Keep a pad by the phone for taking down messages, but no pen. Having a pen would allow people to take down messages, which means you would have to return calls, which just slows down your life. The pad is only for show, as other people think it makes you more organized. Almost everyone who phones you either wants to call your attention to Colonoscopy Appreciation Month or is wondering where their stinking check is. Not worth bothering about.

3) Many people have a ridiculously organized personal planner, which is fine, but you can go too far. I like to keep things fast and loose, to leave myself open to inspirational possibilities. Using this approach, you might well end up checking your bag 15 times before you leave the house to see if you have everything and then walk out the door without any pants. This is part of the reason I have so many adventures.

Apparently there’s a Part 2 coming tomorrow, and I can’t wait to read it.

Disclaimer : I’ve asked Steve to be a weekly contributor to DIYPlanner.com, and he’s agreed. I’m very lucky to have this fellow.

Update : Part II is now up, I see.

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