New GTD Diagram in Process

GTD Diagram (thumbnail)One of the things I wanted for the hipsterPDA Edition of the D*I*Y Planner kit is a nice little GTD diagram that fits on a “Quick Reference” index card. Unfortunately, the original is almost completely unreadable when shrunk down to that size, unless you possess a very good printer and happen to be a gerbil.

Although there are quite a few Getting Thing Done flowcharts floating around, I decided to produce one of my own, since I can then control the sizing of all the elements –including the text– and I don’t have to worry about dealing with multiple layers of intellectual property (one is enough).

You can click on the thumbnail at right to see a larger version of the reference card I’m working on. It’s not finished yet, but it gives you an idea of where I’m going. I’m trying to get away from the whole “intricate flow chart” concept, and stay a little more with the spirit of the original –hence some of the comfortable but cheesy design elements. The one thing I did fix up was the flow around “What’s the next action?” since the book’s version has always been bothersome to me. (Those items should be or processes, not a series of then.)

Any GTD gurus out there care to send along any feedback, suggestions or complaints?

PS: Before anyone asks, this template will also be made available in other sizes, like 5.5×8.5 and A5.

Update : A polished version of this is available in the Hipster PDA Edition, and now contains a weekly review list and a prompts for emptying your brain. Which is nowhere as painful as it sounds.

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