Ubuntu 5.04 “The Hoary Hedgehog”

As I’m sure most technogeeks have read in SlashDot, the final version of the new Ubuntu Linux distribution has just been released.

Announcing: Ubuntu 5.04 “The Hoary Hedgehog Release”
The Array (*) is pleased to announce the second release of Ubuntu! If you’ve heard all about Ubuntu and just want to get the Install CD or test the Live CD, you can download it here immediately:

This is one of the first Linux distributions I’ve used (lo, these 11 years and dozen+ distros) that I’m actually completely happy with. It’s just the right mix of usability and power for me, all without getting in the way. It helps to add the new repositories, but after that, every piece of software I want is just minutes away. The few little hitches I’ve had have been easily solved by the Ubuntu Wiki and the Unofficial Ubuntu Starter Guide.

Released simultaneously with this GNOME-based distro is Kunbuntu, a KDE-based distro for those people who prefer that desktop envirionment.

Note that the Ubuntu servers are quite overwhelmed at the moment, so I’d advise picking up the torrents for a very quick download. They can be found at the regular download sites (direct link: i386 install torrent from US mirror).

By the way, “hoary” means “ancient and venerable”.

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  1. I agree totally. After playing with the LiveCD for a day, my Dell D600 now has it installed. Being a network admin that must support Windows and Mac desktops, this is the perfect bridge between the two.

  2. Thanks for the tipp.
    Now i´ve ubuntu in my pII laptop and it goes good. all run from the first minute.
    I like de DiY planner too, thanks a lot.

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