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“I’m not dead yet…!...

“I’m not dead yet…!”

Just working around the clock…. On the plus side, I think I finally found my Holy Grail of personal content management, the new version of DEVONthink (Mac OS X only, I’m afraid). It hasn’t impressed me as an ideal solution in the past, but the last few iterations are amazing. It’s been quite an enabling […]

This Old Workhorse

This Old Workhorse

Like most other gadget freaks, I always want the latest and greatest. I can’t go near a Future Shop without venturing inside with a drool cup duct-taped to my chin. I dream of all the things I could get –one day– when I have far too much money and have those business needs which somehow […]

Review: Getting Things Done by...

I was doing some work in the local library (a fairly small one), when I decided to take a little break and peruse the shelves. The productivity section was small indeed, but it yielded a little unexpected treasure: Getting Things Done by Edwin C. Bliss, subtitled “The ABCs of Time Management”. Now, I’ve heard this […]

Review of DIYP2

There’s quite a favourable review of D*I*Y Planner 2 online over at the UK-based Home Computer Magazine. I must say, I was a little amused to find a “screenshot” of the planner. (Thanks for the tip-off, Dave!) Tweet

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Driving in Yellowknife

Driving in Yellowknife

At the Snow Castle

At the Snow Castle

Musk Ox Skull

Thaw 4

Cameron River, Early Spring

Thaw 3

Thaw 2

Thaw 1

Yellowknife, Past Midnight

Durrell Wharf, Newfoundland

Rose Hips in Autumn

The Coming of the Storm

Water Lilies

A Zen Moment

Twillingate Lighthouse

Winter Brook

Irises 1

Irises 2