D*I*Y Planner 2.0 Released

Update : These sets, and many more, are now available free at www.DIYPlanner.com. In particular, you might want the newest version of this, which is located on the D*I*Y Planner Classic/A5 page.

Well, it’s been a busy few months, but I’m happy to announce that the D*I*Y Planner version 2.0 has finally been released.

The D*I*Y Planner is a set of free do-it-yourself templates, covers, documentation and other gear for creating your own highly customised and tweakable paper planner system. Some highlights:

  • Over 50 different templates and forms spanning everything from calendars to finances, from project management to reference lists, from notetaking to specialised subjects like web design and story writing.
  • A thorough D*I*Y Planner Handbook in HTML detailing:
    • how to build a do-it-yourself planner, including getting the right supplies;
    • descriptions of all the forms, with many suggested uses;
    • a GTD-oriented planner configuration;
    • how to print the forms, without wasting paper and ink;
    • plenty of tips in setting up and using your system;
    • links to other template sites; and
    • places to find more information that can help you use or configure your planner.
  • Planner coverA couple of pre-built covers, with do-it-yourself templates in OpenOffice.org Draw format for creating your own. (More covers will be offered later, as well as templates for other applications.)
  • All templates from the older 1.0 package have been rejigged, improved and made more consistent.
  • While an emphasis is placed upon David Allen’s Getting Things Done, templates are also offered for alternative methodologies such as Covey’s First Things First. There are also quite a few generic templates so you can devise and tweak your own organisational methodology, if you are so inclined.
  • A template for creating your own receipt envelopes, complete with areas for recording transactions and jotting notes.
  • Currently, all templates are designed for 5.5″x8.5″ planners (half letter-size), but a version for A5 is in the pipe. (Stay tuned.)
  • A set of GTD diagrams culled from the DavidCo site, resized and positioned for your planner. (See the handbook for links to the originals.)
  • A new identity for the package: a new logo, a slightly new name (note the asterisks), and a vague leap towards consistency and semi-professionalism.

As with the last package, version 2.0 is released under a Creative Commons license, which means that it is free for personal and non-commercial use.

Special thanks to Ted Bongiovanni, Ronald Schaten and Anthony Schellenberg for some excellent suggestions along the way, as well as to the 43 Folders Google Group for continued inspiration and so many wonderful ways to waste time while saving it. 😉 My apologies to all those friends and groups who have been deprived of my company (or blessed by lack of it): things should be getting back to normal soon.

The package can be downloaded here: diyplanner2.zip.

The new D*I*Y Planner button at the right will always take you to the latest version of this package, which will always be at www.douglasjohnston.net/templates/.

Update : There’s now an A5 version, as well as a 2-up version (printing two pages on one sheet for cutting in half).

Update 2 : Please don’t ask for other size templates (like 8.5″x11″) for now. The reasons why are explained in this post.

Update 3 : New GTD/Covey Diagrams for D*I*Y Planners.

Update 4 : The Hipster PDA Edition is released for printing 3×5″ (index card) versions.

Update 5 : Several keen-eyed individuals have mentioned a broken link in the handbook. (Thanks, I missed that one!) The latest version of the templates can be found at http://www.douglasjohnston.net/templates/, not douglasjohnston.com. This is a redirected link to the latest release, by the way — currently to this post.

82 Replies to “D*I*Y Planner 2.0 Released”

  1. Yes, yes – but *where* is it?
    A bazillion links to other places – but *where* is the stuff?

  2. For those who have 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 planners with seven rings. If you are near a copy shop that does hole drilling you could get a package of cheap copy paper (500 sheets) and have the holes drilled on the top and bottom of the 8 1/2 x 11 sheets then chop the package in half. I got a quote of $30 for this at a shop near me. $20 for drilling the holes and $10 for a package of paper. They charge by the setup which is $5 per hole and it can be done in 4 setups. If the only place near you is Kinko’s don’t bother. They wanted $60 for the job.


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  4. This has to be one of the nicest sets of templates for Day Planner sized organizers I have found in a long while. Kudos for the effort that was put in to make these.

  5. I am a newbie to getting myself organised, somewhat scary for my age and position. Anyway I wanted to take a few moments to say I think the work done on the templates and the explanation in the manual is brilliant and I thank you for your time & energy in creating this excelent tool.

  6. Inspired! It frees my right AND left brain……can’t thank you enough for the effort you put into this!

  7. Will it be possible to get the weeks in the calenders starting on mondays… it´s a common day here in Sweden and Scandinavia… In Europe to…

    It´s sure a great work you, eh… sorry, the monkeys have done. Keep it up…

  8. Something extraordinary has happened. No, wait… *two* extraordinary things have happened…

    1) I have got control of my life back
    2) I have found something that I have been looking for for a long time… a planning system that copes with not just urgent and important… but the things you have asked others to do, the projects with their myriad interconnected and fragile steps, the parking ticket to pay in two weeks time, the agenda for the meeting a week Thursday.

    Thank you *so much* for sharing this. You are both generous and genii.

  9. Firstly, Great Work 🙂

    However, I’m a little confused by the license. If I want to use these pages to organise my life both at work and at play, can I do so? It says personal use but then also says not for commercial use. If I contract to people is that commercial use?

    Could you give a brief comment of your intent?


  10. Simon- The “Non-Commerical” use pretty much means, you can’t sell it, use it in advertising, etc…

  11. Thanks for making the kit.
    I’ve not even read the book from David Allen but I’ve to print the DIY Planner 2 and use it to getting things done first!

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  13. Your web site contain A LOT of usefull stuff but increadible difficult to navigate in, try to use frames, I browse your pages from 2 different machines which slightly different entry points, pages that I read on one pc I simply cant find when I sit on the other.

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