ATPO task/outlining series continues

If your big thing is outlining and task management, you’re Mac-centric, and you haven’t been following the About This Particular Outliner series, shame on you! The latest column is now up, and includes a nod at GTD: ATPM 11.02 – ATPO: Task Management and Outlining. While some of the software is also available for Windows and/or Linux, the emphasis is on Macs because …well… the site is called About This Particular Macintosh. Personal task management and outlining software is the one area where I feel the Windows world is very lacking, at least until the Windows version of Tinderbox comes out. There are so many imaginative and impressive applications that run on my Macs that I’m spoiled for choice, and I cannot find comparable apps that run under the “other OS.” This series, documenting all the most popular (and not so popular) outliners, is one of the most consistantly thoughtful and well-written tech series I’ve seen, filled with screenshots, explanations, and pros and cons. Definitely intended for information management junkies, it’s one of the only columns I actually look forward to reading.

You can see a list of all ATPO articles so far on the About This Particular Outliner archive page.

If any Mac/Windows users out there want to mention any Windows applications you think are comparable to ones like Tinderbox, NoteTaker or OmniOutliner, I’m all ears. Please leave ’em in the comments. I’d love to try them.

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  1. Although I originally got this program for my Palm, I continue to use the desktop portion of Natara Bonsai as my outliner even though the Palm is now gone. Doesn’t have all the formatting features and multi-column goodies that OO has, but as a solid outliner it’s top notch.

    If you have a Palm, the syncing capabilities are great and you can link items to Palm Tasks. Not free, but I think worth the price for just the desktop component alone.

  2. Well, I have to mention BrainStorm. It really, really doesn’t get in the way. Work structured or unstructured, work fast, sort everything out later. It lives between the brain and the outliner or the brain and the mind mapper. In fact, its users quite often use it in conjunction with other programs. The ‘thinkerlog‘ blog is a great place to see what users think of it.

  3. Have a look at
    if you are interested in outlining software and some of the history behind it.

    Do you have any idea when Tinderbox will release a Windows version ? The have been working on it for ages and resist all emails on the subject.

  4. Hey, David, thanks for the cool links. I’ll explore them tonight.

    Paul, I wish I knew. I have a feeling that the answer is, “When Mark Bernstein thinks it’s done, and not before.” When that is, is anybody’s guess.

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