AMMT shifts to the “Dark Side”?

Just took a glance at my webserver statistics. My, how times change. Before I released the DIY Planner package, the operating system stats were roughly 60% MacOS, 30% Windows, and 10% Linux. Now, it’s roughly 83% Windows, 8% MacOS, 8% Linux, and a few BSD and OS/2 boxes for spare change. (Oh, dear… I wonder how long I can go without offending the majority of my readers. 😉 ) Meanwhile, the average daily hit has gone up from roughly 500 a day to just under 10,000.

One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is the whole “technology early adopter” audience for the site, if Firefox is any indication. The Mozilla family usage is three times that of Internet Explorer, and that’s not even counting all the spambots that generally disguise themselves as IE.

And to the lone wolf running command-line Lynx on the unfortunately-named “BoogerOS”, I salute you!

Welcome, Earthlings.

Hmm… I’m linked from Jeff Sandquist’s fledgeling GTD wiki, which I truly hope grows into a big community-driven effort. Heaven knows, a lot of people out there have enough information and opinions to contribute.

If this is your first time here, folks, I want to extend you a hearty welcome. If my server stats are any indication, you’re probably here mainly for the GTD-based Do-It-Yourself Planner. You’ll always find the link to the most current DIY Planner in the menu at right. In a nutshell, it’s a series of PDF templates (and instructions) for 5.5″x8.5″ paper planners like the DayRunner or Day Timer, based mainly on Getting Things Done methodologies, albeit with a bunch of extras thrown in for a wide degree of customisation. It’s released under a Creative Commons license, which means it’s free for you to download and use, so –as we say here in Newfoundland– go fill yer boots.