FranklinCovey Forms Wizard

FranklinCovey Forms WizardWell, I meandered around the FranklinCovey websites during lunch, and dug up a little gem. At the base of the Downloads District page, you’ll find a Windows-only (alas) program for printing forms and templates, called Forms Wizard. (This is a little hard to find in the rest of the site… I guess they’re pushing their WinXP and Outlook software much harder nowadays.) The description reads:

This easy-to-use software lets you create customized personal and professional forms for all FranklinCovey Planning Page sizes. Adjust any of the more than 60 templates to suit your needs, then print out only what you need on FranklinCovey blank pages or Perf-Fit Pages printer paper.

Free 30-day trial download, and as far as I can tell so far, there’s nothing saying you can’t print these templates on ordinary paper as well (including full letter-size). Plus, the software allows you to use the forms like a rudimentary word processor, so you can enter all your own information into them, set the fonts, make certain changes, etc. The forms are rather ordinary-looking, but there are a great number of them, including some that I hadn’t even considered making. (/me takes out scratchpad and starts making notes.) For the calendars, you can even tell it what dates/months to create. (So for those people complaining of a lack of calendar templates in my DIY Planner, this is your cue. 😉 )

The system is obviously Covey-oriented, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find a lot of useful forms if you’re a GTD nut. Even if you don’t spring for the software, there’s still a lot you can do with this in 30 days. Plus, at only $29.95, it seems like a great deal for anyone that uses paper planners.

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