DIY Planner Update 05/01/03

Just wanted to drop interested folks a line with regard to the progress of the DIY Planner.

First, a quick tip: in your Adobe Acrobat print settings, force your printing to be greyscale. Now, in the templates, I’ve only actually used shades of grey and black (mainly to save on expensive ink, and to make them “neutral” enough to fit almost any planner), but unless you check this box, your colour inkjet may actually be using colour ink to create the grey. I noticed this quite by fluke when one of my colour jets got clogged and things starting looking rather blue. In OS X, I just created a new profile called “DIYPlanner” that sets paper as Inkjet, DPI at 600 DPI, and Color as Gray Scale. I simply select this when I print any templates.

Second, several people have contacted me regarding the possibility of volunteering their services to help produce templates. This should mean that the templates may be available soon in several different sizes and languages. I’ll keep you informed when we have something more to release.

Third, still looking for requests for new templates, besides the standard calendar and contact ones. Anyone have any cool ideas for something you’d actually use and would make sense as a paper-based form?

2 Replies to “DIY Planner Update 05/01/03”

  1. collectable quotes? ideas for artwork/painting projects as apposed to story ideas. just a thought.
    receipt/taxation.. more financial templates etc…

  2. You have a GTP flowchart in v2. I think some templates for the famous 3×5 cards (or the HipsterPDA) will make a good additioin.

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