Do-It-Yourself GTD Planner v0.8

I’ve decided to release a new version of my organiser templates that’s a little bit more user-friendly, and that also contains basic instructions for setting up a paper-based GTD-style planner. This is version 0.8, which indicates that it’s not quite finished yet (especially the accompanying instruction file), but very little remains except for some tweaking. I’m releasing this now so I can get some feedback for improving the existing templates and information, and possibly solicit some ideas for new ones.

This version includes a few pages of information (in HTML) on how to buy a planner, save a bundle on templates/forms, set up your organiser GTD-style, and more. The included 20-page PDF file contains a number of double-sided templates including:

  • GTD Diagrams (not mine, alas)
  • Project Outline
  • Objectives
  • Contact Log
  • Next Actions
  • Waiting For
  • Agendas
  • Someday/Maybe
  • Notes

The templates were designed to work well with standard DayRunner forms and layout, but they and the do-it-yourself instructions could apply equally well to a no-name department store special. With a printer, some basic supplies, and a bit of patience, you can set up a GTD planner and save yourself quite a lot of money in the meantime. (DayRunner + DayRunner templates = @$200+. $20 generic planner + my templates = well, $20. You might need to raid a few items from the office cabinets, though.)

As usual, I’m releasing these files free for personal use. You can always get the latest version by clicking here.

Update: New version detailed here.

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