Firefox 1.0 Round-Up

Get Firefox!Now that Firefox 1.0 has finally been released, and the poor servers are able to deal with the heavy download rates, the Net is awash with announcements, news stories, reviews and how-to articles. Here are just a few I’ve tripped across today.

Ben Goodger, Lead Engineer for Firefox, announces the release of 1.0.

The official press release from the Mozilla Foundation.

According to developer Asa Dotzler, Firefox was being downloaded more than 50,000 times an hour yesterday.

From BBC News: Firefox browser takes on Microsoft.

From Reuters: Firefox Browser, a Microsoft Rival, Fully Released.

From CNN: New browser to challenge Microsoft.

CNet has a Review of Firefox 1.0:

Move over, Internet Explorer. Feature-studded and secure Mozilla Firefox 1.0 is a safer, better choice for Internet browsing. […] Bottom Line: Firefox’s tabbed browsing, RSS support, security features, and overall cool factor make it more attractive than Internet Explorer.

and you can also find a review of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6.0 (sorry, can’t resist):

Suffers from chronic security holes; no RSS reader; available only within Windows XP SP2; expensive technical support. […] Bottom Line: Unless your business has specific ActiveX technology needs, you are much more secure running Firefox than Internet Explorer.

From Mozilla releases Firefox 1.0 and Firefox Fans Clog Mozilla Site.

eWeek has a new article: Review: Ten Extensions Enhance Firefox.

I’m sure there’ll be more later.

Update: eWeek interviews the President of the Mozilla Foundation, Mitchell Baker, in a lengthy article called Firefox and Beyond: Mozilla President Browses the Future.