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dsandler.org: Its past & future

Most people that start off blogging seem to arbitrarily choose whatever solution they trip across first, or whichever one seems like the least work. I actually started a “home-grown” solution via Flash and XML, which worked fine after I figured out some of Flash’s XML-reading quirks, but it wasn’t a very advanced application from a […]

Benedelman: Who Profits from Security...

I have a feeling that this article from Benedelman.org, Who Profits from Security Holes?, is going to get a lot of traction on certain blogs and news sites: How bad is this problem? How much junk can get installed on a user’s PC by merely visiting a single site? I set out to see for […]

PopSci: Worst Science Jobs II

Popular Science once again has a list of the worst jobs in science. (I wouldn’t read this on a full stomach.) It just shows you what dedication the scientific community has for their profession. (And I’m so proud: my home city made job #7 possible: Ecologist at St. John’s Harbor. I used to work in […]

InfoWeek: What Makes Firefox 1.0 So C...

An excellent in-depth review of Firefox 1.0 over at InformationWeek: What Makes Firefox 1.0 So Compelling. Seven pages of close scrutiny and essential bedtime reading. You’ll also find a poll in the “Related Stories” sidebar asking whether you’re going to switch from IE to Firefox (currently standing at 95% yes). Tweet

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Driving in Yellowknife

Driving in Yellowknife

At the Snow Castle

At the Snow Castle

Musk Ox Skull

Thaw 4

Cameron River, Early Spring

Thaw 3

Thaw 2

Thaw 1

Yellowknife, Past Midnight

Durrell Wharf, Newfoundland

Rose Hips in Autumn

The Coming of the Storm

Water Lilies

A Zen Moment

Twillingate Lighthouse

Winter Brook

Irises 1

Irises 2