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dsandler.org: Its past & future

Most people that start off blogging seem to arbitrarily choose whatever solution they trip across first, or whichever one seems like the least work. I actually started a “home-grown” solution via Flash and XML, which worked fine after I figured out some of Flash’s XML-reading quirks, but it wasn’t a very advanced application from a […]

Benedelman: Who Profits from Security...

I have a feeling that this article from Benedelman.org, Who Profits from Security Holes?, is going to get a lot of traction on certain blogs and news sites: How bad is this problem? How much junk can get installed on a user’s PC by merely visiting a single site? I set out to see for […]

PopSci: Worst Science Jobs II

Popular Science once again has a list of the worst jobs in science. (I wouldn’t read this on a full stomach.) It just shows you what dedication the scientific community has for their profession. (And I’m so proud: my home city made job #7 possible: Ecologist at St. John’s Harbor. I used to work in […]

InfoWeek: What Makes Firefox 1.0 So C...

An excellent in-depth review of Firefox 1.0 over at InformationWeek: What Makes Firefox 1.0 So Compelling. Seven pages of close scrutiny and essential bedtime reading. You’ll also find a poll in the “Related Stories” sidebar asking whether you’re going to switch from IE to Firefox (currently standing at 95% yes). Tweet

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Giant Mine

Twillingate Lighthouse

Rosehips at Dusk

Derelict Mining Truck in Yellowknife

Waiting for Spring

Enlightened One

Woodpecker at Cameron Falls

All Hail the Snow King

An Unkindness of Ravens

The Long Vigil

Blizzard and River, Central Newfoundland

Conor Learns Photography

Curiouser and Curiouser

Iris in Gander III

Iris in Gander II

The Sky is Endless

Iris in Gander I

High Over the Mackenzies


Fargo Truck, Mine Heritage Yard, Yellowknife