LinuxInsider: Open Source CMS Tools

For all you folks wandering about lost, seeking decent web-based content management systems, LinuxInsider has an article for you: Open Source Weblog, Content Management Systems. Mini-reviews combined with links and a broader view of Open Source tools makes this a great article to peruse and use as a jump-off point for experimentation. Discussed are weblogs, portals, image galleries, surveys and more. As always, most of the Linux tools work perfectly well with OS X hosts as well (thanks, Steve… that was a good move).

I should probably remind folks that you can play with many different types of pre-installed CMS tools at, including most of the systems mentioned in the article. Really handy, if you want to see what they’re like, but don’t want to take the effort to install them.

Photo Organisation Hell

A few months ago, just after our first-born had arrived, our old Kodak DC-280 was starting to falter and occasionally shutting off or losing power for no apparent reason. The Kodak –now literally held together with duct tape– had served us well, producing some 18,000 pictures over the 4+ years that we had had it, but now we needed something new, something reliable, to document our son’s childhood. I spent a few weeks sussing out the alternatives, and was thinking about getting an Olympus C-5xxx model, but I really wanted something I could upgrade with better lenses and standard photographic equipment. Alas, there was nothing around like that in my price range. At the last moment, however, I managed to swing an excellent deal on a Canon Digital Rebel (EOS 300D) thanks to a personal favour someone owed me. For less than the cost of the Olympus, I now had a great camera with full manual controls and the ability to use my EOS lenses, filters, and other gear. The 6.3 megapixel resolution was nothing to sneeze at, either. But recently, we’ve been running into some frustrating problems. And they all have to do with organisation.

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