Firefox Meets 1 Million Download Goal!

For those who don’t read anything in the technology news, Firefox is a new free (Open Source) web browser created by the good folks from the Mozilla group. Lately, they made available version 1.0 PR (Preview Release), and stated the goal of achieving one million downloads in ten days. According to the Spread Firefox community site, they have passed that goal in just four days! Congratulations to the team!

Meanwhile, if you haven’t tried it yet, you owe it to yourself to take Firefox for a spin. Once you’ve tried tabbed browsing, the new find bar, the pop-up ad blocking, the enhanced speed and standards support, and the tonne of really cool add-ons (extensions), you’ll never go back to the dinosaur that is Internet Explorer.

It’s also worth noting that IE market share has been steadily declining for the first time in many years, eaten away by the Mozilla browsers. Let the Browser Wars recommence!

One Reply to “Firefox Meets 1 Million Download Goal!”

  1. sorry no, no browser wars. It should be just that mozilla is the dominant brower with safari and opera behind it with a little bit of IE usage.

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