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Alan MooreProbably the most interesting interview I’ve read in years: has an article about Alan Moore (watch the cheesy Flash commercial to gain access). The author quite rightfully calls Moore not only one of the world’s best comic writers, but one of the world’s best writers, period. I am consistently awestruck by Moore’s output. In the 1980’s, this British writer transformed the medium of comic books from a pulpish world dominated by hack-jobs that would insult a child’s intelligence, to a form of high literature which even the New York Times has learned to take seriously. His tales turned a third-rate hollow character (the Swamp Thing) into a book that startled the whole industry and awakened the publishers to the fact that you can have a book aimed at an adult mind. His Watchmen showed us the “true lives” and neuroses of superheroes, making them real for the first time (in a way that Stan Lee, writing for teens, never could). His intricate and well-researched storylines in “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” and “From Hell” (both of which were shamed by their respective film versions) brought a power to the medium that imitators have yet to grasp. And the man continues to produce work that reinvents not only the industry, but our notions of humanity.

The interview examines Moore’s vision of today’s world, looks at how several of his works predicted current events such as “America’s War on Terror,” discusses the short-circuiting of reality with media, and reveals his thoughts on what an artist must do to prepare the world for the upcoming deluge of information that’s about to sweep us all away. A must-read, even if you haven’t heard of the man.

You can read a bio on his fan site.

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