Master of the Monkey House

This is the personal weblog of Douglas Johnston, a consultant, project manager, multimedia developer, web technologist, and self-professed “education geek.” Originally trained as an English and French teacher, he has since produced or performed integral roles in over a hundred websites, the CD-ROM Cabot: Discovery of a New World, and the award-winning CD-ROM The Bend in the Road: An Invitation to the World and Work of L. M. Montgomery (available from the L.M. Montgomery Institute). He has also produced work or consulted for the Canadian Government, the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador, the US Navy, a large marketing/communications company, and several multi-national organisations.

His focus nowadays in on e-learning, teaching, training, curriculum development, consulting and experimenting with technologies. Current interests also include media studies, photography, videography, writing, design, historical literature and medieval longbow archery.

He lives in Newfoundland, Canada, with his beautiful and intelligent wife, artist Jennifer Pohl, their newborn son Conor, and an overly-sentimental hound named Locksley.

A curriculum vitae is available upon request.

He can be reached via email at